Richard Barnard

richard barnard

Richard has over 30 years experience in the environmental field, with particular expertise in industrial process optimisation, water use and water efficiency, water and effluent treatment and environmental regulatory issues (particularly EPR PPC), due-diligence audits; complete feasibility studies for the treatment of industrial effluent and gaseous discharges and the subsequent design of these facilities.

He specialises in solving environmental problems for industry and commerce, particularly through process improvement and resource efficiency prior to abatement or treatment. These projects have been for both public bodies and industry. In the latter case he has been involved with a wide variety of industries including tanneries, dairies, breweries, car manufacture, refineries, detergent manufacture, pharmaceuticals, soft drink manufacture, paper mills, canneries and others.

Brief sector experience

Food and Drink – completed a large number of projects covering water and waste minimisation studies, environmental and due diligence audits (including regulatory compliance) completed for confectionery manufacturers, coffee processors, breweries and soft drinks manufacturers, flavours manufacturer, cake and biscuit manufacturers, vegetable processing plants, dairies and cheese processors etc. Completed one of the first full IPPC Applications for the food industry for a major dairy. Presented papers on water and waste minimisation to trade associations (e.g. Brewers Guild, Brewery Engineers Club, Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association).

Manufacturing - completed over 250 environmental reviews and over 1000 water audits across a wide range of industry and commerce advising on environmental issues (predominantly waste minimisation/best practice/water use related). In additon has been key advisor to many industrial sites on regulatory and legislative issues. This work has been across a wide range of industrial processes including car manufacture, refineries, electronics, detergent manufacture, pharmaceuticals, explosives manufacturers, batch chemical manufacture, pulp and paper mills and many others.

Farming - have completed audits of farms (dairy and arable), wildlife parks, nurseries and garden centres, slaughterhouses (chickens and pigs), animal health quarantine and laboratory facilities.

Construction - undertaken several construction industry waste/resource efficiency reviews and assisted in preparing SWMP training material.

Public Sector - I have worked for many of the government advice programmes (Envirowise, Environment Agency, Business Link, County Councils, etc.) to integrate delivery of environmental business support to companies. I have also worked directly for the public sector, including provision of environmental and waste minimisation reviews for government offices, numerous schools (public and private) and training colleges, prisons etc and was responsible for buildings inc environmental control as Governor at primary school.

Commerce, Finance and Administration - completed numerous waste minimisation/resource efficiency reviews of offices and commercial buildings (including water audits), provided training on waste minimisation to groups of SMEs and also major companies, undertaken office reviews as part of due diligence procedures. To complement this he also has applied his knowledge to other commercial and non-commercial operations including water treatment plant, managed shopping centres/retail parks, airports and banks.

Hospitality and Tourism - I have undertaken water efficiency and environmental compliance reviews at over 25 hotels, several conference centres, training establishments leisure facilities, caravan parks and theme parks. Issues examined included core business activities (eg rooms, restaurants and kitchens) but also ancillaries such as laundries, shops, garden maintenance and water supply/treatment. Provided reviews of catering establishments (prepared from fresh and prepared from chilled kitchens to ready to eat meal preparation and sandwich manufacture). Provided ongoing environmental and EMS support to one of UK’s largest catering distributors. Held training seminars on environmental issues (inc water/waste minimisation) where delegates were largely from hotel industry.

Training and Consultant - Water and effluent management/treatment, Waste minimisation and resource efficiency, Industrial process control and optimisation, Industrial process auditing, Environmental legislation, Municipal and industrial waste treatment.

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