2009 workshop logoAEA is a global sustainability consultancy. It combines world-leading energy, climate change and environmental expertise with powerful IT, knowledge management and economics capability. It also helps policy makers understand complex issues and empower business leaders with award winning consultancy advice.  Enviromentor Ltd has partnered AEA for over 16 years to deliver government programmes and business solutions to improve resource efficiency.

AEA, Enviromentor Ltd and Mabbett & Associates wins new contract to help Scotland move closer to zero waste.

Zero Waste Scotland has awarded AEA (in association with Enviromentor Ltd and Mabbett & Associates) a contract to develop and run a programme that will help the country's SMEs reach new waste objectives set out by the Scottish Government.
 Through the programme, the consortium will provide business mentoring and a range of new tools and services to help Scottish businesses reduce resource consumption, cut down on waste, increase recycling levels and improve the recyclability of materials used in products and services. The contract award builds on the consortium’s pedigree of helping businesses access expert advice in ways that bring about measurable performance improvements.
Zero Waste Scotland is showing real leadership and is making a difference in the drive towards a low carbon economy for Scotland and the consortium is delighted to support it achieve its outcomes.  Our approach for this contract is twofold: skills and knowledge transfer to steer behavioural change and achieve measurable outcomes, and the development of resources to keep businesses engaged and to help them identify real savings.
Zero Waste Scotland is the organisation set up by the Scottish Government to support the delivery of its Zero Waste Plan. It works with individuals, businesses and communities to help them reduce waste, recycle more and use resources sustainably.


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